We Care for Families in Need

CHC provides an essential public service to the health and welfare of  the community by serving as a medical home to those families who would otherwise fall through the cracks of the healthcare system.

Our Mission

To promote a healthy community by providing compassionate care and a medical home for the underserved of Collin County.

Our Vision

All children and adults will have access to quality healthcare and supportive resources.

Our Values:

  • Always do the right thing by providing a caring & supportive environment free from judgement.
  • Treat each person with respect and dignity
  • Put the patient at the center of the healthcare team
  • Engage community support and resources
  • Network with community partners and create collaborations
  • Create a footprint on the community that is essential to promoting wellness to all

  Integrity              Quality               Respect            Dignity


Over 2,881 patient visits in 2018

60 Community volunteers and medical professionals shared their time and expertise at CHC in 2018. 

That's over 11,377 hours donated. 

Valued at $362,099

Help Our Cause

 Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals

and increase our capacity to serve the community.

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